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We know Cannabis.

We believe now is the time to consider cannabis as an essential piece of an alternative investment portfolio.

Our purpose at Bar Capital is to help cannabis become as common and culturally accepted as aspirin or alcohol.

We engage across the entire cannabis spectrum – from diagnostics labs to consumer brands and tissue culture to processing and distribution.  

We are your gateway to investing in cannabis.

Read our positioning paper, “The Bold Shall Conquer Cannabis” – CLICK HERE

Listen to our appearance on the 100th episode of Brave New Weed – CLICK HERE

Our companies typically meet the following criteria:

Key stakeholders are aligned behind a clear vision and mission.

At or close to revenue generating business.

Raising $5MM+ or debt or equity.

Are You A

Are You An

We embrace the highest standards and practices, deepening relationships and driving success.

Investing within the cannabis industry involves material risks.
Please click here for a detailed description of the primary risks related to cannabis investing.

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